1. Identify why you can’t lose weight (fat)

2. Throw out your bathroom scales

3. Change your thinking to change your body shape

4. Identify what motivates you

5. Have goals, and plan to achieve them

6. Change your kilojoule balance- move more and eat better

7. Change what you eat- have good- quality fats, carbs and protein

8. Eat more food from Mother Nature’s pantry

9. Change how you eat- slow down and manage your portions

10.Change when you eat-eat less at night

11.Change where you eat-manage your cravings and emotions

12.Change what you drink-drink more water




For rest of the strategies, explanation of each strategies and how to practice and adopt them in our daily life, get a copy of the book ’21 Secrets to weight loss’ (an international best seller available in India for just Rs. 130)

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