rajesh-bA book that can be recommended for reading, and which has the potential to bring out the best in us in the context of changing the way in which we view and lead our lives, is THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI authored by Robin Sharma.

This book begins by describing an event in the life of the narrator, who is a busy and successful lawyer that brings an abrupt halt to his fast paced life. This pause helps him to contemplate deeply at his life style and to where he was heading in life. He realizes that all along he had been deeply entrenched in the illusion of success bereft of peace and happiness –  and this prompts him to look for something more meaningful and lasting in life.

The author then takes us through a journey of self introspection and discovery, by narrating a story that is filled with wisdom and deep insights that are simple and yet very profound.

Some of the carry home messages in the book that leave a deep and lasting impression in our minds are

1.   We cannot imbibe newer ways of looking at things if we are already filled with the old ways of perceiving things (It is not possible to pour fresh tea in an already filled cup of tea).

2.   We are bigger than our thoughts, and we can master them rather than remaining slaves to them.

3.   We have a choice as to how we would like to live our lives and what we would like to experience.

This book can help many start their journey towards leading a more fulfilling and joyous life.

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