A Complete Guide for Senior Citizens for Graceful Living -

Rtn. V.B. Prabhu Verlekar

The old age is an essential part of human life. It is the evening of life. It is inevitable part of life. It is really interesting to note that everybody wants to live a long life, but not to become old. This phase of life should not be seen as a problem, because with age comes skill and experience. Increasingly old age means living alone or with a partner who’s stood by you through thick and thin. Indeed the loneliness and neglect associated with the old age is a rather recent happening. It is the outcome of breakup of the tradition of joint family system. Growing urbanisation and fast moving modern life have also contributed to the problem. To overcome these problems people in their prime of life needs to be totally equipped.

Goan Chartered accountant, Rtn. V.B. Prabhu Verlekar, who has over 45 years of experience of meeting and interacting with many people through his profession, has presented a handbook titled, ‘A complete Guide for Senior Citizens for Graceful Living’ which is a priceless guide for the senior citizens.

This guide puts together a gamut of motivating and realistic suggestions that may help the readers chart out the years ahead of them. The 85-year-old cartoonist-satirist legend, Padma Vibhushan R.K.Laxman, has drawn special cartoons of the ‘Common Man’ and also has penned a few lines for this guide. This useful guide starts off with ‘Personal Memorandum’ and includes pages with space for writing down almost all the essential details of a senior citizen who owns it. There are many tips for self-empowerment too and the author with his vast knowledge on accounting has also detailed the list of investment options and budgeting ideas. The author narrates that the elderly should celebrate ‘World Elders’ Day’ not once a year but ‘24 x 365’ and they should get together in various supportive ways. This slender book contains dos and don’ts for the readers about sleep, nutrition, exercise, bowel movement and some ailments.

The guide has painstakingly put together basic information on the subject of financial evaluation at retirement, concessions and facilities senior citizens can avail of, health data, and also about helping the underprivileged. There are notes on how to deal with children, their families, senior citizens security needs, tips on management of investments, taxation, health and a whole lot more. Topics on yoga asanas, meditation and spiritual living add more value to this guide. Handy information on home nursing, day care centres, old age homes, important telephone number re given at the back of this guide. It’s a very useful pick-me-up guide! Though it is a priced publication, the entire proceeds go for supporting senior citizens and NGOs working for them. The author has also come forward to give this guide free to any senior citizen on request, which is a kind gesture by the author. Every senior will definitely find at least a fraction of information he looks for in this quintessential guide.

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