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The title of the book is self-explanatory. Yes, children in the age group between 8-20 (pre-adolescence and adolescence ) need to be treated with care and respect and should never be taken for granted or treated as per the whim and fancy of the parents. As so much damage has already been caused by wrong parenting and upring, the author who is a behavioural scientists, mentor, motivational coach and the founder of  BODHI feels that it necessary to enter into a dialogue with the parents so as to throw some light on this very important  phase of nurturing.He aptly states that parenting is understanding the children from children’s perspective and developing them from parenting perspective. The books therefore, aims at looking at this aspect of grooming in a different perspective so that a  positive  change is brought about within the family (micro-level) ,the effect of which with perpetuate into the macro-level(society). On reading this book, parents with adolescent children will feel,’Yes we can’ and in this way it enables them to become Parental Leaders who can take their children in the right direction.

The book, with its attractive layout and design is unique in its own way as it is packed with realistic information which gives scope for introspection and action. Further, there are apt case studies,illustrations, thought provoking quotes,healthy parenting tips,parental leadership model,interesting stories and other essential information in the form of bullets and tables.All these can be an eye-opener to parents and help them look at the ways they are presently bringing up adolosent children. Further, the book intends to enable parents to have a very optimistic attitude towards their adolosent children, undo practices that are detrimental to their children growth and think of new skills to deal with them. In addition,the 154 page book is divided into six ,small chapters and each chapter is further divided into smaller units with apt headings,the content of which is easily palatable to the audience.

The content,anology, stories and case studies in the book are so close to reality that you can’t help reading on till the end. For instance,the author so rightly states that each child is unique and so are the parents and their model of parenting. Further ,depending on the way they narture their children, they grow and become responsible adults. Here he uses an analogy of a gardener and his garden to make the concept more lucid. Besides, there is something interesting about culinary communication which all parents need to know as that is the way most parents communicate with their adolesent children. Parents will furthermore get to know the what and how of Peer Power which has a great influence on their adolosent child than others power.Knowing how this power works,it should help parents take wise decisions while grooming their kids. In addition, there is something about an holestic approach of nurturing an adolscent child, which focuses on developing the child’s Thinking and Feeling zone.The former is related to the mind and the latter to the heart. When there is a balance of these two elements , do adolesent children remain peace and happy with themselves. As mentioned earlier, the book is full of appropriate quotes to go with each topic. The following quote by Baba Ram Dev will make a lot of sense to parents as well as others. ‘The quiter you become the more you can hear’.Parents in particular need to horne their listening skills so that adolesent children don’t blame them for being poor listeners who have not spent quality time with them. The author also throws light on the trend of nuclear family these day whereby kids tend to become Latch Key Children ,who come back alone from school, open the door with their key and wait until the parents return from work.The author gives a clear warning that if parents don’t spend time with their child at this period, they have have to spend more time later for the child. The sub –unit on Styles and Tails will enable parents check for themselves the style they use while nurturing adoloscent children and the impact .The chapter on PL model is yet again an important aspect of parental care that helps them understand and develop their own Internal Locus Control that will help them take charge of their successes and failure in this endeviour without passing the buck to others.This inturn will help parents look at how to respect their adolosent children which will enable them to grow and be cheerful and successful in life. Besides, there is important information in the book on the left and right side of the brain.If parents get to know this and how it functions, they can make use of it to improve their quality of living and those around them as well.

The book without doubt is a must read for all parents to improve their quality of living and also of their adolscent children. It further has so much of information to offer to the parent community at as it improve their quality of living and also of their adolscent children. Let students not stand at the cross roads of confusion and search for someone to follow .This is a big conflict besides other conflicts that hold them back from the path of success.

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