Book Review – Arthamatra Hindu Matham-2 by Manjai Vasanthan

The book was a satire to Kavingnar Kannadhasan’s “Arthamulla Indhu Matham” Manjai Vasanthan’s this book not treatise on religion in general or Hinduism in particular. But his well versed knowledge in Vedic’s and histories reflect in this book. I specifically review this chapter (2) because I feel this strives my thought over religion ever more. The seems to ask question on believers, that do they know what the real purpose of religion is: ‘Do all the believers understand concept of “Upanishads” and “Geeta”? As we real on this chapter it is clear than no one really understands the concept of religion on the whole. This is just a Guideline to people but not entity: Hinduism is basically full of mythologic which concentrates on sexuality – Kalidasa’s ‘Kumarasambava’ deals with sex of Lord Shiva and Parvati. If this was understood, they why people have to worship ‘Lingam’? (the story of sexual harassment between Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna). The book made me to think over religion in the way that Kamal Hassan says in his movie ‘Anbe Sivam’ Not only Hinduism plays its role but also Islamic and Christianity, were people till to find their meaning of religion. On the whole, Religion might in theory be necessary thing, a good thing. I reality the question is how has it changed the lives’. The author brings references from Kannadasan’s “Arthamulla Indhu Matham” and makes us understand what religion is all about. That in, “Godliness is the concept and not entity”.

Review by
S. Rama Priya

Author: Book Club India

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