Book Review – Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

“Fanny Price” is the main character of the book. Most of the characters in this book show wealth, states and pleasure, other than their personal and moral costs. Fanny’s passive and proper nature makes her an ideal medium among all other characters. Fanny is the image of what a well-meaning girl in her place but she is not a heroine. She is small sacred and timid. She is often married by what she is doing or saying, constantly ready to read and react to the possible negative reactions of anyone around her. Fanny Price is considered as Austen’s least likable heroine, she was brought up in a world which is foreign to her and was raised by constant discussion of her inferior states. She decides that the only place she can rebel from is her heart she become one of Austen’s strongest character she is moralistic but sticks to her morals and also she was unable to disobey her uncle stops her from joining in the play. Fanny is also considered as one of Austen’s most realistic heroines. She is also a too virtuous character. She is dull and too submissive and was also pave to be proved to be more approachable heroine.

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