Book Review – Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

The story is about a child, whose mother had died, that was sent to workhouse. Oliver was an innocent & pure boy when he was 11, he was tried to be sold from the workhouse as an Apprentice, but he escaped from them. In his way to London, he met a boy dodge and then he ended with Fagin, he be the leader of gang of thieves.
Luckily, Oliver also found people who took good care of him and helped him with some problem.
In my opinion, the novel is very entertaining and interesting and it makes the reader to read more. I liked the fact that Fagin tries to change Oliver but he continued to be an innocent good boy. Mr.Brownlow, who took care of Oliver and loved him, despite the things he had done, and his part, and my far part is where he is accused as a robber, he hadn’t committed & later Mr.Brownlow took him to his house became Oliver was sick.
This novel depicts the dark criminal underworld of London, the Villain Fagin, the Artful Dodger, Nancy.
It is a melodrama.

Author: Book Club India

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