Book Review – Room – Emma Donoghue

The novel is about the 5 year old boy named Jack who permits to live in a physical world, the room which is just 11/11 foot where he lives with his mother. Jack visions the real world from the teachings of his mother. But he is more used to the physical world, a room where he finds his mother all the time infront of his eyes. The reader can learn the synonyms taught in the novel faster than jack. In this way, Donoghue is trying to build up a bond between Jack and the readers. The mother, who loves his son unconditionally thinks that she can bit happiness to her son and can easily sacrifice her desires, passion everything to built up the new ones. I enjoyed reading the novel as a cute little boy is the narrator and his sense of understanding brings joy from the bottom of our heart. I recommend this novel to cherish the love of family especially the mother.

Author: Book Club India

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