Book Review – “Seven Steps Around the Fire” by Mahesh Dattani

The “seven steps around the fire” is a famous play. It deals about several themes like “Problem of Hijras” “Power of Politics”, “Weakness of a Women”. “Truth never dies” and so on. I am very impress about the character of “Uma Rao”. She only comes out the “truth of Kamala’s death as murder”. She was a brave women in this play and she support the hijras. But she was a normal wife to her husband, he was not give a equal rights to Uma and he always portrait as women are weaker section but she broke that statement and show the women are stronger and sharper than men.
The play presents the real plight of eunuchs in the society. If anyone of them is in the way of a reputed family. In Indian society man is not ready to accept his own weakness. Uma, the wife of Suresh Rao has no children. He makes her to get child he always blaming her. Even though she will be shows her strong view to him.

Author: Book Club India

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