Loyola-College-LibrarianLoyola College Librarian Mr. K.T. Dilli, in an exclusive interview to Book Club India, said that even in the prolific advancement of the digital world, students prefer to visit library and refer to books. Loyola College is a treasure house of over 1.25 lakhs books. Though the college has an advanced state-of-the-art digital library, in recent years, trends are witnessed in students switching back to traditional books.

According to Mr. K.T. Dilli the non – reliability and inaccurate data and information available on the internet is the main reason. Though at a mouse-click one gets thousands of pages of information on any subject, yet, the authenticity of some of these information are questionable. Many learned academicians consider them as nothing but junk. On the other hand, books provide them content in a lucid and accurate manner. He is happy to inform that the number of students that visit the college library is increasing year after year. In the last one decade the increase is nearly six times – from 1000 plus students to almost 6000 students.

He says that, on an average 1000 students visit the college library every day and each student spends about 2-3 hrs in the library. What is heartening to know is that students do not merely confine to the books on their subject but read books of different disciplines and general. Mr. Dilli also said that the role of a librarian has undergone a redefinition with the changing times, and shifted from merely being a custodian of books to a coach and skill enhancer in identifying and sourcing materials for the avid readers.

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