CHERUBJames Choke, a 11 year old boy is forced to go to a care home when his mother Gwen dies due to overweight and excessive drinking. His uncle Ron is a drinker too and had given her drinks often even though she was not supposed to drink. James’s stay in the care home is not long, as he turns into a rowdy ganging with few bigger kids. He is moved to “Cherub” a care home where children between the ages of 13 and 17 are trained to become secret agents for special missions. He passes the entrance test and Mac the head, gives him a place at Cherub. He enjoys his stay at Cherub until training day. The training lasts for 100 days. After the 100 days, if they pass the training successfully, they would get their red colour shirts (colours of shirts are used to tell the status of Cherub agents. Orange-Guests, Light Blue-Trainees, Red-Starters, Black- Staff ) to start missions. He soon makes friends with Bruce, Kerry, Callum, Connor, Mo, Gabrielle and Shakeel. Mr. Large, their trainer during the 100 days, trains the inmates with Mr. Smoke and Mr. Speaks. Each day there is a rigorous workout and a meal is skipped. On the 95th day of their day of training, the trainees are taken to Singapore for their final test. The training consists of many hurdles including crossing a forest to reach the final destination. Kerry and James are partners and their manual is written in different languages which they had fortunately learnt earlier. James and Kerry are the last ones to make it to a wooden house where their final test is held. They had to dip their hands into a bucket filled with water and a poisonous octopus. Then slowly remove their hands and after a two hour wait, could apply antidote to it. . Mr. Large stops them after a few minutes and tells them to dip their hand in the antidote and tells them to look under their chair. The children find colored shirts of the next level and they successfully return back to Cherub. He is assigned to a mission after a few days with Amy his swimming teacher to Fort Harmony where a few people are trying to kill oil merchants. Can James and Amy stop them? You have to read the book to find it out.

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