rajesh-bDear Book Club members,

I am Dr. Rajesh Bajaj, 49 years of age, and a practicing Physician in Chennai with a qualification of MD in General Medicine.

I am a private practitioner and have my Consultation Chamber on New Avadi Road, Kilpauk. Apart from helping patients successfully manage and ultimately free themselves from various physical ailments they come to me with, I also set some time aside for counseling.

Many of my patients approach me to help them find a solution to persistent vexing issues like a troublesome child at home, misunderstanding between husband and wife, friction with in-laws, stress at workplace, understanding career options, stagnating career, to mention a few.

In this context, I would like to state that with the background of extensive reading and imbibing many principles that govern the working of the human mind, emotions, behavior and actions, as a matter of self interest and passion to understand and know people better, my patients and I have been fairly successful in finding viable solutions to ensure harmonious existence.

I will be posting short thought provoking articles periodically in bookclubindia website for all of us to ruminate on and respond. I believe that knowledge gains power when shared and turns to wisdom when applied appropriately in the right context in our day to day living.

Let us use this medium to achieve this objective of enriching our lives.


Rajesh Bajaj

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