This book by Xavier Quattrocchi Oubradous and Charles Bal is of five chapters and 165 pages and is a must read for all marketing and communications professionals who wish to bring a revolutionary change in their strategy. Just a bitter pill is wrapped in a sweet coating, similarly a good marketing strategy wraps messages with emotions. The book is about an emotional approach- a marketing shift from eye-wall to emotions. It is more about reaching out to the people through emotions which is a powerful phenomenon. In this way you effectively get your message across more effectively and efficiently. Professionals interested in selling their products/services need to know the advancement in psychology and neuroscience and how the meaning of emotion is ever widening and catching up in current times. One can find a number of references to music in this book because both music and marketing are linked with emotions, and both crave attention of the audience. We also get an insight as to how emotions add richness to communication and the use of non-verbal cues in the personal and business fronts can benefit individuals and companies as well. What makes the book an easy read is that a person who is a layman in marketing/communication gets to understand much about emotional intelligence and its effects. For those interested to bring a change, there are emotional marketing methods that can be quite interesting to know and apply. The reader also get to know the three different forms of ‘affect’ namely moods, feeling and emotions, about a new disorder like ‘alexithymia’ which is an emotional vacuum where people are unable to describe their emotions and about ‘share of heart’,- an emotional relationship, where a product or service becomes an icon because it has won the consumers’ heart. Once the brand achieves this, there is no way a competitor can throw the brand away from the market. Therefore this book is sure to be a captivating and stimulating read as there is something new to offer to its readers. As the author has rightly put it that emotions are not the key, they are the door for a new, empathic and ultimately more engaging form of marketing and communication.


Published by Harriman House and can be purchased online through flipkart and the link is,

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