TEntreprenuershiphe book, Entrepreneurship – A life of commas, Not Full Stops! is all about the tried and tested ideas of the authors during the days when they ventured into entrepreneurship that subsequently bloomed as ‘ichiban Consultants.’ True to the wise words of Napolean Hill, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” these young entrepreneurs has made the organisation walk tall through sheer perseverance and the book is the documentation of their thoughts and dreams as they climbed up the ladder to success.

The book is full of inspirational thoughts that would motivate budding entrepreneurs. The elegant narration is very comprehensive, resourceful and informative, particularly if you are on the entrepreneurial route. And certainly, the thirty one chapters tickle, tease and toast the entrepreneurial mind. The book is sprinkled with a wide range of topics – right from the first chapter, “Exceptions are examples” it is an interesting journey for the reader. The later pages that talk about how important it is to set off on uncharted paths and leave our footprints instead of searching for footprints in the sand, the thought-provoking question from an innocent child, “If I were to be like him, who would be like me?” or the one where they talk about the significance of practicing prudence during the good times to avoid facing problems – all these make a fascinating read.

Noteworthy views drawn from famous personalities have been included in the book compelling the reader to ponder. For instance, the poem “Road not taken” of Robert Frost and the story on perfection that had influenced renowned management consultant, Peter F. Drucker, would arrest the readers’ attention. In short, the age-old formula for success – courage, conviction, perfection and discipline, have been wrapped beautiful in an attractive slim paperback. Call it your guide for corporate success or the management wisdom in a modern format, the book drawn from a vast store of experiences, is a sure hit.

The authors – Rtn. Raj Shankar is the founder of ichiban Academy and ichiban Consultants, a centre for entrepreneurial excellence. He is an alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of International Business with a Masters in International Business. Mrs. Meera Krishnan, the co-founder of the organisation, is a post graduate from IIT, Mumbai. As the authors have mentioned elsewhere in the book, as one reads about success, one often does not get to read about the gut-wrenching nights and the hardships they would have encountered on their way to their accomplishments. But the essence of the winner is the never-say-die spirit and to go on, despite the pressures and the bottlenecks. And such books provide the necessary inspiration.

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