Kane and AbelGood books have the power to stay with you and linger around in your mind long after you have read its last line. Though many such books exist, chances of you laying your hands on such a book depends entirely on your luck or based on the recommendation of someone else who has read it. In case any friend of mine is in such a situation, “Kane & Abel” is one book I would recommend to him without any second thoughts.

The book follows the lives of the two protagonists Abel Rosnovski and William Kane who are born on the same day under opposite conditions and at opposite sides of the globe. As their lives intertwine and time passes through the two world wars, the economic depression and other historic events, the two men find each other to be bitter enemies, sworn at the total destruction of the other. Jeffrey Archer, considered to be one of the best authors alive today, has used a narrative style that is so interesting and makes the characters so endearing to the reader.

The story is slow to gain momentum and probably takes about 25% of the book before it reaches high throttle but the brilliant writing by Archer makes it easy to get through the initial part. After the story has gained momentum, it will be very difficult to put down the book without wanting to complete it at a single stretch of reading.

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