“Princess” by Jean P Sasson

Princess is the story about ‘sultana’. The princess does not reveal her real name because it will ruin her life. Princess Sultana sent letter to author Jean Sasson, who is the author of the book “The Princess”. “Princess” is the trilogy called a “political rallying cry….” by publisher’s weekly. Circle paints a horrifying reality for women of the desert kingdom. Sultana wrote about her tragic experience in that letter. Sultana was ignored by her own father and brother. This is the reality in Saudi Arabia women are treating as an animal by men. Even a male children seeing the women as slave. Princess sultana was born in royal family she gets rich and luxurious life but her heart filled with pain. At the age of seven Sultana learned that she was lived in a cage. Her brother taught great lesson to her. Being a woman she faced lot of problems. Men were treated women as slave. Girl children married old man at the age of twelve. Sultana’s brother gave only half ration to her. Every day she slept with hunger. Her married life also not a successful one her husband also not treated her as a human being. Sultana tried to change the tragedy of desert life she tried to change the whole situation and renew the life of women in Saudi Arabia she heard the story of lot of women all over the world she understand that women facing problems all over the world. In Saudi Arabia, male considered female as a slave they follow the words of “Quaran” Quaran says “Women has to follow be men”. Bible also tells that God discovered girl after the boy. This portrays female or woman is oppressing gender. Sultana wants to change the tragic situation of women. At present scenario Saudi Arabia have many changes but the lives of women does not have any change. Female oppression and male domination is stereotype in Saudi Arabia many dangerous steps were taken by Sultana. This helps many women to live their life with little changes. Sultana wants to give good life to her daughter she made it she succeed half of her desire but it does not fully emerged.

Review by
K. Karthika

Author: Book Club India

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