Reading is part of my routine…….says Roz Townsend

roz-townsendRoz Townsend is a recognised Australasian educator and Meta coach. As well as her training programs Roz helps people understand how their brains are organised. She gives clients the tools to understand how they choose to think, feel and behave – that is how they create their own life and work situations and how these can be changed.

Roz Townsend has vast national and international experience of education from kindergarten to University and all stages in between. She regularly consults for business and universities in the area of accelerated learning and speed reading.

Read her exclusive interview given to Book Club India to know her reading interests.

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Do you read regularly? If yes, how often do you read?

Yes, I read every day for 90 minutes

Which is your favourite time to read?

From 6am – 7.30am

In spite of your busy schedules, how do you find time to read?

I love it and it is important for me professionally – so I make it a priority

What kind of books do you read?

Autobiographies, novels self development

Which one are you reading now? 

The Book Thief

Which book has inspired you the most or the books that made an impact in you?

Eckhardt Toole’s The Power of Now

Could you please say 5 of your all time favourite books?

Agatha Christie’s autobiography, Eat Pray Love, Committed, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, A Course in Miracles,  How to Win Friend and Influence People

Have you tried reading e-books? 

I love e-books and keep my kindle with me all the time. I love it that my bookshelves no longer have to be full to overflowing. And I love it that now one of my books is an e-book.

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