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Some interesting research in Australia makes one think about the causes of happiness.

The Di Marzio Research group asked participants to rate seven things that made them happy or fulfilled.  Of all the items listed the highest ranking on 36% was “an act of kindness to benefit another”.  This was followed by having a cuddle and third was walking in nature – 12%.

The other things that make people happy but not to the same extent as those listed above are ‘buying something for someone” and ‘volunteering for a charity or community group”.  On the list but ranked the lowest was eating chocolate.

What the research confirms is that our relationships are the most important aspect of our lives and the area most likely to give us happiness and fulfilment.  We gain most meaning when we pay attention to our relationships with each other and the environment.

The concept of random acts of kindness has been around for some time.  And for some it is easier to be kinder to strangers than our immediate family or friends.

This article challenges you to take on being kind as a natural part of who you are and then to let the happiness and fulfilment flow from that position.  Consider, being kind as an unconditional way of living life with no thought to manipulating those around you or expecting an outcome.

Kindness is like a portal to happiness.  It is a choice of the way in which we live our lives.

Be Kind! Live! Love!

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