sammy-keyes‘Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief’ was written by Wendelin Van Drannen who writes books for children. This book has got the 1998 Edgar Award for the best children mystery. This book revolves around Sammy Keyes, a girl who is staying with her grandmother as she gets suspended from school. She gets a pair of new binoculars into which she sees a theft which happens in the hotel right opposite to theirs. Sammy goes to the hotel with her friend Marissa which many to check on the stolen things. Soon they almost give up when Sammy gets clues. But Sammy gets distracted when a new mall opens in their town. Her friend works in the mall and so he lets her to go to the terrace of the mall. The clue Sammy got was a piece of tissue paper with a few initials on it. She soon finds out that paper was given when you buy a special company of ice-cream. She checks into a local shop if they had the ice-cream but they told they didn’t have it. Oscar is a blind ice-cream vendor who is very friendly to the girls. But Sammy has a doubt on him and checks him if he is really blind or not. First she drops a coin on the road where Oscar was standing and to her surprise he picks it up. Then she asks him for an ice-cream and when he took some change Sammy saw a fake moustache and a wig. Finally while sitting on the roof of the mall she spots Oscar the ice-cream man changing his outfit and finally she goes for a chase and finally catches Oscar.

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