This book, “Success through Excellence” authored by Shamim Rafeek is an intricate patch work quilt of 25 management articles that dishes out useful tips to develop excellence and create positive results. The author, while compiling the book, has not confined his pen only for the corporate world but these hints would also help shape the mind of a common man.

The author kick starts the book with a witty story of a tiger taking refuge in a restroom of an office, devouring the manager and the vice president and surprisingly, no one seem to miss them. But when the man-eater pounces on the tea-boy, the others scamper in to the washroom to save the boy and flush out the tiger – a perfect illustration that effectively makes one realise the fact that no matter what one’s position maybe, his usefulness to others is what makes him respectable and lovable in the society. This slim book carries a bouquet of astonishingly practical thoughts in its ninety-seven pages, drawing interesting references from many popular management books with due citations.

Many thought-provoking topics have been discussed between the paperback which includes tips for developing public speaking skills, mobile phone etiquette, customer care and time management to name a few. The author has deftly handled all these topics to make it an interesting read by spicing them up with contemporary case studies from various corporate concerns. The inspiring success story of the indigenous dabbawallahs of Mumbai is a brilliant chapter to demonstrate dedication and discipline. Although we have come across most of these ideas time and again, the topics hit us afresh and induce us to re-think. The book drives home the point that success is directly associated with hard work and excellence rather than on an impressive blood line.

In short, the book helps to overhaul the mindset of the reader to help him to understand what it takes to reach the top and remain there too. Although the narrative is not very stylish, it is simple and comprehensible to anyone. However, a little more care could have been shown on the grammatical aspect in the text, but one opts to turn a blind eye to the negligible errors in the flow of such motivating and thought-provoking narrative.

Mr Shamim Rafeek has given several dynamic presentations and trained and motivated several managers and entrepreneurs. He is also a faculty of Rotary Youth Leadership .

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