‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is a novel by Harper Lee that addresses the issues that were present in historic America when slavery wasSuchana legal. Though I was forced to read this book as part of an assignment in school, it is undeniably one of the best books I have read up to date. The story is written from a child, Scout’s perspective but centres around her father, a Caucasian lawyer’s struggle to shatter social norms. Since his client is an African American, he faces systematic prejudices that pose obstacles  in his attempt to win his case.

While many of my peers found the beginning of the book to be tedious with irrelevant details, the twists and turns of the second half keep the reader on edge, hoping the expected does not occur. The novel overcomes the limitations of time and space. Although it is written in the 1950’s, the storyline is still relevant to today’s society in most parts of the world. Finally, I would strongly recommend this book for anyone and everyone, whether living in the United States or abroad, who are appalled by the amount of prejudice presents in their community and is thirsty for a fictional tale that raises awareness on this issue.

Suchana is doing her 4th year in Business at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. She hopes to go to law school one day and work as a criminal lawyer helping victims of crime; hence her interest in this book. Apart from academics, she loves to research (and implement in her life) about organic, environmentally friendly alternatives.

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