>the-childrenof-willow-farmThe Willow Farm series is written by Enid Blyton. The Children of Willow Farm is a story where four children Rory, Sheila, Benjy and Penny move to Willow Farm next to Cherry-Tree Farm owned by Uncle Tim and Aunt Bess.  They visit their wild man friend Tammylan who lives in a cave and shows love and affection to animals and lives like them. Benjy decides to go see Tammylan to get his pet squirrel Scamper back. All the children go to Tammylan’s cave and enjoy time with him and come back to the house at tea-time. The children then welcome Harriet their cook and her niece Franny. Sheila gets to manage the chickens and Benjy and Rory the horses. But Penny is not able to make up her mind.  Sheila takes help from Franny to manage the chickens. Franny teaches Sheila how to take care of the chickens and Sheila has her own egg book. Rory and Benjy help with the horses and Penny adopts a sick lamb called Skippety and takes care of it well. In the shearing season they learn to dip and shear. The cattle arrive and Penny gives Skippety back to take care of the other cattle and soon there are many machines for their convenience. There is a separator, churner and a cooler and a seed –drill. Bill, their Thatcher helps them with Jim who sows the seeds and the children wait for the harvest time. Soon their harvest comes out well and their hay is done. They help a lot and soon they are waiting for the money to roll in. All the animals are well grown, the chicks and ducks hatched and they label the butter. The children go back home satisfied for during their summer they have had a jolly good time in Willow Farm.

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