narnia-magicians-nephewThe Chronicles of Narnia are written by C.S.Lewis. In this book the hero, Diggory and Polly meet each other for the first time as they set out to explore his uncle’s house as his father had gone to India and, his mother was sick. His scientist uncle Andrew finds a case which belonged to his great-grandmother who was one of the fairy blood humans. He finds four magical rings, two yellow rings and two green rings. Diggory and Polly want to go to the next house which was abandoned, but they accidentally go to Andrew’s laboratory and get caught. Andrew convinces Polly into wearing the yellow ring then she vanishes. Diggory goes after her and finds her in a new world. Diggory wants to explore, and they jump into another pool, and find themselves in inhabited place. The children go inside a building and Digggory strikes a bell and a dummy from nearby comes alive. It was Queen Jadis who woke up, and she rescues the children from the collapsing building. Polly doesn’t like Jadis but despite that Jadis goes with the kids to the real world. She meets Andrew and enslaves him and creates a lot of turmoil in the real world and Diggory takes her back with Andrew, a cabbie and his horse, Strawberry. Diggory goes with all of them into another pool where they are engulfed in darkness. They hear a song and a whole new world is formed before their eyes. Aslan, the lion sings the song for the birth of Narnia. It creates animals, and it takes a set of talking animals as its committee member. It blames Diggory for the letting of evil, Queen Jadis and tells him to take a fruit; Fruit of Youth to plant in the edge of Narnia for the fruit could act as a guardian for Narnia. Meanwhile, the cabbie and his wife become the rulers of Narnia. Diggory takes the help of Strawberry with wings newly sprouted and flies across the lands. Queen Jadis is waiting there for him. Can Diggory complete the mission? Read the book to find out.

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