TheFamousFiveThe five have a good time there and soon meet a boy named Yan. Yan’s grandfather was a wrecker. In olden times people there used to flash false light and lure the ships to them. Eventually the ships get damaged and looted. The Five suspect Mrs.Peruthalen’s husband as a wrecker. One day the light flashes and the Five investigate. But the arrival of a circus called ‘The Barnies’ coming to town to put on a show distracts the Five. After a few days Mrs.Peruthalen and the Five help her to clean the barn where the Barnies would put on their show. 

After a lot of work like cleaning up the barn, putting clean sheets and hanging balloons the Five are treated to a huge snack. In the meantime The Five wait for the show to begin. The show starts and everyone enjoys the show and after the show the crew and the whole town is having a feast but Julian and Dick want to try the show’s prop and they manage to escape without getting caught. Mr.Peruthalen received news about some stolen heroin and suspects the owner of the circus. The Five go to the seashore and find a cave but get caught and to their surprise Yan comes to their rescue.

They manage their way out and find themselves in the barn. They finally find the truth and catch the owner and they find the heroin in the show prop which Julian and Dick tried. It was in a secret panel where the person disguised as the horse kept his cigarettes and the Five go home happily after an adventure. 

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