the-famous-five-goto-mystery-moorThe Famous Five have a new adventure, but they have no interest in an adventure so they try to keep away. George, Anne and Timmy are staying at Captain Johnson stables with other children. Soon George makes new friends and enemies. Henrietta, who acts like a boy, just like George and becomes jealous of each other,. George and Anne finally meet Julian and Dick who have to camp out as there is no place to stay in the stables. One day they have a new horse to heal called Clopper. It belonged to a traveller who tried to overwork his horse but Captain Johnson is reluctant that the horse needed to be healed. The traveller’s son Sniffer becomes best friends of the Five. The Five have a great time in the stables and they hear a story about The Mystery Moor from Ben. The Famous Five explore one day to find the travellers over in that area who chase the Five from the site. They need to explore the Moor so they go to a nearby sand quarry where they set up camps and stay the night. On the first night they find an aircraft hovering near them and on the second night they find the aircraft dropping parcels. The Five open these parcels and find forged money. They know that the travellers were behind this so they take a few packages and head for the stables but suddenly mist seeps on them and they are lost in the mist. So Julian decides to hide the packages and goes back. After sometime George and Anne go after the boys. They soon reach the quarry where Timmy is hit and captured along with the girls. Now they are in trouble as they had no one to save them. To know what happens next you must read the book.

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