The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka’s Novella, the Metamorphosis is one of his well-known works, along with his novel, the trial.
The Metamorphosis is a story of Gregor Samsa, who wakes up one morning and missed the early train that he was required to take for a business trip and discovers that he had turned into an insect Kafka does not appropriately mention in the text that Samsa into a cockroach but slightly closer to that. The story fully describes about Samsa’s past life and present life.
At first reading, it might seem that Samsa and his metamorphosis is probably a metaphor for an illness like cancer but actually, when we take into account the family’s aversion to his condition seems that kafka has actually used it as a metaphor for illness such as AIDS. The humane reactions of Gregor’s manager, his parents, sister, their servants, and then their three lodgers makes clearly for the readers to understand.
Kafka never talks about how Gregor had changed; whether punishment or he had been a bad boy. All the characters including Gregor react to his metamorphosis in a rather illogical manner. All the characters does not question Gregor how it happened, there is mainly fear and disappointment reflects in them. Gregor’s metamorphosis may or may not be considered as symbolic as it depends upon reader’s interpretation.
The process of metamorphosis completely breaks all connections between Gregor’s mind and his body. Though his body is of an insect, his mind always thinks as human. This one kafka connects with the present world that human beings are different in their thoughts and actions. The combination of the absurd and symbolic is actually what makes the novella so complex and interesting.
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