the-secretdoorThis book is written by the all-known writer who writes books for all ages, Enid Blyton. If you want to relive boredom this the book to read. One of the stories in this book is ‘Colin is a good policeman’. In this story Colin is boy who is collecting money to buy a roller skates set is suddenly robbed. His parents report this case to the police. Even after a few days the police are unable to catch the thief but they are in vain and Colin was not happy about it. His mom told him to stop whining and try to find some clues. Colin takes the advice of his mother’s word seriously and finds clues and finally finds the thief to be the gardener of their house. Colin for his action gets a better pair of skates by the police for helping them. One more story ‘The Train That Broke in Half’ depicts how shyness can disappear in desperate situations. Ben a very shy boy talks to cows and trains as he is very shy. But when a train leaves a few compartments behind, Ben gets worried as the next train could ram into the few compartments left behind. Leaving his shyness behind, he runs to the signalman to make the next train stop and tells the news. When the signalman tries to thank him Ben runs away in shyness and reaches home. After he reaches home he finds a great surprise for him everybody from the neighbourhood is there to celebrate his brave act.

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