"Mayakkam Enna" Dhanush pictureNo other actor has impressed me like Dhanush in recent times. After ‘Adukalam’ yet another scintillating performance by Dhanush in ‘Mayakkam Enna’. Indian cricket team captain Dhoni few days back compared Virendra Shewag to Rajinikanth; but I do not hesitate to term Dhanush as Tendulkar of the Tamil Film Industry for his consistent performance. In the recent book publishing seminar in New Delhi, during the coffee break, few north Indian girls were in praise of Dhanush, which to my knowledge is quite a rarity. The North Indians do not accept and appreciate the south Indian heroes easily as they do with South Indian actresses.

“Mayakkam Enna?’ – a movie which captivated and glued me to the seat from the beginning to the end.

Very rarely we come across applauses at the end of a Tamil movie, appreciating the work of the director. Gone were the days of Bharathi Rajas and Balachandars who received thunderous applauses at the end. I was wondering whether the current generation was missing out the practice of appreciating, either clapping or whistling to show their admiration. Director Sevaraghavan, the master storyteller needs to be appreciated and congratulated for providing us another outstanding movie, ‘Mayakkam Enna’.

The story is simple and linear. Dhanush an aspirant wild life photographer struggles to scale up to be recognised as an ace wild life photographer. It is gruesomely shocking to him when he finds one of his photographs stealthily being used by a renowned ace photographer, Mathesh Krishnaswamy (nicely portrayed by Ravi Prakash) and receives accolades and awards. In fact Dhanush admires Mathesh and considers him as an outstanding photographer and yearns to work as an assistant under Mathesh. In the scenes where Dhanush meets Mathesh asking for a chance, the director nicely brings out the best in Dhanush and our heart sympathises for the young photographer every time he fails. It is true and common that in real life, many such persons fuelled by their passion, wander out for a chance to soar high in their chosen field. All that they desperately look out for is a break, which some get through and many fail. What pain us is the way the society looks at such people and the way it treats them. This has been beautifully expressed in the movie through the character Mathesh. He considers Dhanush a dust. His superior caste mentality coupled with money power insults the upcoming photographer by calling his works as shit and suggests him to go and graze goats rather than wasting time in photography. Mathesh even preaches that not all sundries can become an expert by practice, which he claims is purely a gift of god. Dhanush leaves disappointingly without taking back his works, which Mathesh cleverly uses to his advantage. Later, when Dhanush learns through newspaper that for one of his painstaking works, Mathesh has been awarded the best photographer, Dhanush is shocked and this leads to an accident fall off the balcony. Though Dhanush escapes from death, he becomes mentally unstable.

In between this, the director skilfully weaves a fine thread of a romantic entangle with Richa. Here, again the director comes out with a knot which blends so well with the modern day youngsters’ relationships. Dhanush’s close friend Sundar meets a girl (Richa) and decides to date her before getting into any serious relationship. All goes well for the Sundar and Richa till Richa meets Dhanush. She is attracted to Dhanush’s ruggedness and simplicity. Contrary to the expectation of the friend, Richa falls in love with Dhanush and marries him. This beautiful love story is told in a unique way involving many emotional scenes.

After the dreadful fall, Dhanush becomes mentally unstable and thereafter, we find an outstanding melodrama, involving Dhanush and Richa. In a few scenes, especially after miscarriage, Richa brings out superb performance. The best part of Selvaraghavan’s direction is that, nowhere we get a feeling of watching someone’s acting; instead we feel that we are part of some real life characters and situations. Kudos to Director Selvaraghavan who brings out what he wants from his artists!

Usually, most Selvaraghavan’s movies are known for tragic ends. Luckily this one is an exception to that. The end is logically brought out with a stupendous screen play.

Watching a movie like this gives us pleasure as much as or even more than reading a good book because movies not only triggers our emotions but also provides us a visual feast.


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