Human beings usually compete over the pursuit of prosperity, status and reputation. Competition is also a foremost rule in market economy and business is often linked with it as most companies are in competition with at least one other firm over the same group of clientele. It is a competitive world out there and 50 plus one Tips for Being More Competitive in Business shows you how personal productivity, planning and technology will move your company to the top. Each chapter includes resources that let you explore all areas of growing your business.

This handy book with pleasant typesetting, has an absorbing unfolding, to start off the book with ‘Plus One’ in which the magnitude of ‘Team Work’ and the significance of ‘Team Members’ are emphasised. It is followed by fifty chapters with very interesting topics that includes the challenges, the facts and the solutions for that specific topic and ending with ‘Resources’ chapter  with three pages full of resourceful website addresses in alphabetical order is mind-blowing.

Greg Lackner explains that understanding your markets, your customers and your management style will ­certainly contribute to your ­overall success. Though hard work has always been the key to business and financial success, knowing when and how to work is also just as ­important. “A successful business is like a shark, it has to keep moving to live and grow. Be that shark-hunt, grow and let your competitors fear you” are the words of the author that instigate the readers.

A competitive advantage allows a company to produce or sell goods more effectively than another ­business. Entrepreneurs generally develop ­company policy in order to retain a cut-throat advantage. This practical book is full of helpful tips you can use and you will learn everything you need to know about staying competitive. Several types of strategies that are available in the business environment are explained in this book where a business owner can use standard strategies or develop their own strategy.

The author of this paperback, Greg Lackner has managed marketing and public relations programmes for several non-profit and for-profit companies including professional theatres, architectural firms, environmental consulting firms, public libraries, media and public research institutes. Currently a freelance writer based out of Chicago, Illinois, he has consulted and written marketing materials for information providers, law firms, community colleges, public relations firms and educational publishers.

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